The right services to find tickets

Everyone knows where to look for tickets – on the largest aggregators, but not everyone takes full advantage of their capabilities.

Skyscanner – a cool function of selecting destinations depending on the point of departure. Often I use it and find myself in a win (as with Norway). You type in the window “where” the city of departure, and in the “where” – a mysterious “everywhere”, and here they are – the most delicious options for your date. Read more here
Aviasales – there is a calendar of low prices, and finds a little more offers. Convenient to search for round-trip tickets: the cost is lower than on Skyscanner

Useful: flight Aggregators — instructions for use >>

To go to Europe cheap: 10 life hacks budget travel to Go to Europe cheap: 10 life hacks budget travel
Coffee and Croissant in Paris — our favorite cafe Eric Kayser

5. Travelling with hand Luggage
– OK, let’s say I fly to Paris from Vilnius by low-cost airline. But plus the extra charge for Luggage?
– Are you sure it’s necessary?

Explanation: Yes, low-cost airlines allow free transportation of hand Luggage only – such is the “payback” for low prices. But cheap travel is accomplished not only with a backpack behind. It can be a standard suitcase 55 x 40 x 20 + not too full backpack (read the conditions of carriage) – is not enough, even if you go for 2-3 weeks? Well, the issue with liquids is easily solved with the help of travel-sets.

Observation deck Tibidabo
Observation deck «Tibidabo»

6. Proper booking of accommodation
– The next stage is accommodation. Your actions?
– It’s definitely Buking, it’s on everyone’s lips.

Explanation: Booking is good, especially when it returns 1000 rubles or 10 % for the entire amount spent (choose what is more profitable to you) from the reservation, but the best search engine – RoomGuru, which monitors the base and Booking, and Agoda, and a dozen other systems. Hotels, motels, guesthouses – for all this here. Choosing a cheap accommodation in Europe, pay attention to the hostels. In some Asia they should be avoided, and in the West they are quite decent.

Do you want authenticity and immersion in foreign life and culture? Rent an apartment/room/house on Airbnb! The service is very beneficial for long trips or a company of 3 people. Here is a promo code for $32 >> for the first reservation, and here is a detailed review-instructions >>

Go to Europe cheap
Atlantic ocean in Porto, Portugal

7. Schengen visa alone
– And Schengen will give? The Agency offered insurance against non-delivery to issue.
– Wait, what Agency?

Explanation: if you live in Moscow/St. Petersburg, to go to a mediator when there is a Consulate at hand – just blasphemy and violation of the code of budget tourism! In the regions, you should also contact an authorized visa center, not an Agency. The documents gather yourself and picture don’t forget the right ↓

A Schengen visa:

Germany as an example
On the example of Spain (the most popular)
8. Cheap transfers + hotel savings
– What else is cheap to travel in Europe? You said you could » drive around.»”…

Brief description: the wallet when the plane is timeless, able to gain the above-mentioned Blablacar – most drivers claim an adequate price. For example, 12 euros for the route Berlin-Prague.

Another option – I warn you, for someone uncomfortable – night buses (Flixbus, etc.) and trains: you move to another country and save on the hotel.

Our experience: 50 trips with Blublocker — what are we thinking? >>

9. Pay attention to the airport
– Okay,okay, then I’ll take Vilnius-Paris.
– Attention! The pitfall!

Explanation: some unscrupulous airlines (and inattention of tourists) turn cheap vacation into a costly one detail – a generalization of the city of arrival. For example, you see in the ticket Paris, and that in brackets – the airport BVA – you do not notice any more. And to saw from this BVA to the capital – about an hour by car for 20 euros (my case)! So plug meticulous and paranoid to examine with a magnifying glass

Low cost airlines (low-cost airlines)
This view opens on arrival at the airport of Barcelona

10. Discounts and promotions on tours and tickets
Promotional codes for tours — a nice discount of 1-3% on Onlinetours, triggered by clicking on the link >>
Tours – flipping tape under the same name in Level.Travel
Charters – allow you to fly to Europe cheaply, literally for pennies (Barcelona for 6000 round-trip? :)). Aggregators do not always find them, so ↓
Subscription – namely, to our telegram channel @lowcost_expert, where such shares are periodically published

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